The international “Digisilkroad” is a commercial website which creates a bridge between international trade fairs and business. The website does its best to set the foundation for an organization which brings genuine trade and commerce through secure and straightforward routes for manufacturers, trader and holding companies.

There are often no easy, failsafe and accessible routes to realize the concrete power and credibility of international producers and service providers in global scale in business. Buyers and customers may only browse the website for a new company or in order for them to be certain of the company’s credibility they have to take the toil to travel to the main offices of their likely future partners.

Nevertheless, the surest way of building confidence and collecting true information about products and services is arranging appointments with the likely trade partners and visiting their pavilions in international trade fairs.

Digisilkroad endeavors to create trust in the world of business that is often afflicted with distrust and insecurities as a result of sham claims from fake manufactures and service providers.

According to statistics provided by the AEO (association exhibition organizers), approximately 91% of prospective buyers find international trade and industrial fairs the surest and safest route to learn about producers and service providers, and therefore they visit them. Digisilkroad puts on display the latest products and services which well-known companies had on exhibit in the last exhibition they attended for twelve months a year and hops this will be a worthy step to bring your business at international level.

B2B digisilkroad has over 7000 international trade and industrial fairs categorized in 50 sectors in over 110 countries in the 5 continents.

It was well trained and skilled staff that support and update the information regularly.

The website covers all international exhibits in various field and follows the latest products and services put out by companies in every area of business and categories producers and suppliers in one website and thus makes them accessible to you.

We have created a domain in which producers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, and retailers worldwide can present themselves by what they had on exhibit in the last trade fair and exhibition they attended.

This is the true route of business and commerce.